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Inform to Prepare My art follows the theme: Food Sustainability and The Links Between Climate Change and Agriculture. It shows that the first step to solve this problem is climate risk assessment. This means that in order to come up with solutions, we must first educate ourselves and others about what climate change is and how it can affect us. Once people are...
daphnefrancia Ink, Pen
TODAY'S WORLD The message of my artwork is that the Earth cannot handle the bad things that we do to it any longer. So I would like to say that it is not too late to fix the problem so we need to help each other.
DKCabanado Ink, Pen
Earth's ozone layer I want my fellow students to help stop air pollution. We must do our best to stop it no matter what. The earth is very delicate and it can be destroyed at any time so please heed our warning to stop air pollution and save the earth.
piaaa Ink, Pen
Life #decarbonize
Millpond Ink, Pen
The Earth is Melting Because human activity is the source of this occurrence, the Earth is portrayed as melting and covering itself with an umbrella. Near particular, since the industrial revolution, emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide have increased temperatures, even more in the poles, and as a result, glaciers are rapidly melting, calving off...
Norika Ink, Pen
Burning World I decided to create this word silhouette because I love to hand letter, and I love doing things for a good cause. I wanted it to represent the effects of climate change and what it could do to our world.
Tags: united states, california, climate change, heating, lettering
Calligraphist Ink, Pen
Prisoners of Smart Devices I think that, if smart devices become our most important aspect of our lives, we become their slaves. They control our lives, not we. It's a huge world problem.
Tags: smartdevices, enslaving, nocontrol
kristinemarija Ink, Pen
Climate Change Ink drawing of effects of climate change
Tags: climate change
sabatino Ink, Pen
O periférico não está abaixo de ninguém O que acontece quando a periferia chega no centro?
Tags: periferia, centro, diversidade social
VagaLume Ink, Pen
The new kid I showed 5 groups in my drawing, Smart people, cheerleaders, hipsters(?), music lovers, athletics. I also showed a person in the middle with question marks. I showed how belonging look like with my 5 groups of people that you can find easily at any of the schools across the United state, or the most of schools in the earth. They are standing...
Tags: High school, gossips, drama, cheerleaders, gicks, athletics, music lovers, hipsters, belong, new, lonly
happyjyi0925 Ink, Pen