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2020 Reflection "2020 Reflection" is an abstracted self portrait done with calligraphy brush. It is a dedication piece to what seems like the 1000 years we have spent in quarantine in the United States. "2020 Reflection" reflects my introspection and reaction to my environment during the 2020 pandemic. The combination of portraiture and abstraction reflects...
Tags: ink, calligraphy, self-portrait, 1000 years old
rawrggh Ink, Brush
Black forest Black forest.series Original art work by Lanjar Jiwo
Tags: lanjarjiwo, painting, art, indonesia
lashart Ink, Brush
UNITE Our belonging looks like, we belongs where there people are lives in unity.
cdcindia Ink, Brush
Earthquake What happens, when the earthquake occurring. The natural calamities brings people together.
cdcindia Ink, Brush
Belonging Community We belongs to community, its our belonging
cdcindia Ink, Brush
POORNESS Poverty is one of the reality of the world. We need to fight with poverty to provide equal opportunity to all.
cdcindia Ink, Brush
FAMINE acute shortage of food and shelter, There are critical situation, somewhere in world. Need to fight collectively.
cdcindia Ink, Brush
FLOOD Disaster management education to children's.
cdcindia Ink, Brush
Belonging Man and Women belongs to each other
cdcindia Ink, Brush
El juego de mis amores El fútbol es el deporte que me identifica y me define, siempre lo practico con mis amigos y familia.
Tags: deporte, amigos, familia, aire libre
Mmurillo_76 Ink, Brush