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Safe & Well My art piece is an important reminder for myself to change my mindset from linear thinking to wholistic thinking. Everything I need for well-being and feeling safe is inside my circle.
jlroberts94 Computer Graphics
Happy earth for tomorrow Earth has delivered lot of gifts for us to live, survive and enjoy. But today most of the people doesn’t follow the nature’s rules and doesn’t protect the valuable gifts from the mother nature. Most of the nature donations has been polluted and destroyed by the people. The permission to live here is not only granted for us, but also for all...
Sarasi Computer Graphics
Recruitment Everyone should feel obligated to take action and participate now
ratio7442 Computer Graphics
You sure you want that A.C. on? It describes how people are unaware of climate change despite that serious symptoms are appearing worldwide.
Kev23 Computer Graphics
MELT The snow is melting. The glacier is felting.
Tags: ice, melt
brian2090 Computer Graphics
Ouch...It hurts Climate change would harm us like a bomb.
Seong-JunYea Computer Graphics
Time's up No more waiting. Time's up.
Sungsoo Computer Graphics
Anywhere else to go? We have nowhere else to go if we lose Earth, at least up to now.
allenms Computer Graphics
Nature’s loving hands Most times many people forget that we live because of the trees.
SHAMU Computer Graphics
Would you like to continue? This artwork serves to emphasize the fact that there is no going back to climate change. Once it proceeds forward, we cannot control+z it.
xs0258 Computer Graphics