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Robots in a Diner In the future I think seeing robots out in the cities will be very normal.
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"My First Smudge" I wrote a poem about an individual who faced emotional suffering as a young indigenous in modern day society. When being contacted by a man who encourages him to smudge, the young soul reawakens by love. May it be physically or emotionally, they begin a new path. I based this off my first experience preforming a smudge. I believe the lives of...
Tags: poetry, smudging, indigenous youth, unify, Canada150
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It is dangerous to be child here. In recent years Syrians are engaged in war and crisis. Photos and videos of this horibble situation has been released. Unfortunatly children affected more. No of sharing childhood, no chance to have fantacy. After reading the topic I decided to show childhood subtlety in contrast to children of war’s life. So I used popular cartoon characters....
ParizadHosseini Print
One of the most serious environmental problems in Vietnam Throwing untreated litter into garbage dumps and burying them is just a selfish and silly method, and one just think for present, just think for ourselves when we do that.
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What Does Belonging Look Like? Belonging is the optimum feeling of connectedness and independence which is felt from within. Different race, nationalities, societies, communities and groups, have different thoughts about the word belonging. Belonging could be classified into three namely; association, membership and possession. Belonging by...
Tags: "Freedom, love, affection"
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My Green Roof Garden I made a model of my annex with a roof top garden.
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School garden model
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A model of the school's roof with solar panels I researched if it would be better for our building if solar panel's were placed on the roof.
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Plants make us greener I made a model of a classroom and placed a plant by the big windows which are a source of light and heat.
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Living in my World This is a compare and contrast type of poem that discusses the impact of women's mental health through poverty and violence. It compares the thoughts of a husband and his doing along with those of the women and how she feels about all that she must go through.
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