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#decarbonize #decarbonize
Millpond Drawing, Pencil
Our environmental news Our environmental news
Tags: Decarbonize
HawkinsMenco Drawing, Pencil
A happy world This drawing expresses a bit of this planet when there was no pollution, nor was it as affected as it is at the moment.
HawkinsMenco Drawing, Pencil
Jairo Cervantes It is my thought of how soon we could be if global warming continues to increase, we would be left without trees in the mountains which would not produce oxygen and without oxygen we could not live.
JairoRafael Drawing, Pencil
Climate change Climate Change
clannapurna Drawing, Pencil
3 Rs Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
clannapurna Drawing, Pencil
The collateral victims of climate change Every year the temperature rises almost 2 degrees, rain gets heavier and winter gets colder. While the privileged can escape the harshness of weather, by resorting to air conditioners and other means that cause more damage to the environment, the poor are left to bear the consequences. They are victims of heat waves, cold waves and extreme...
Tags: pollution, save earth, global warming, india, Suncity School, climate change
clannapurna Drawing, Pencil
climate change Human beings do not allow Earth to breath. Earth is trying to save her self and people just stopping it. Even now, it is not late to change that.
barbarak Drawing, Pencil
We are all equal. Sometimes i, a female, feel I get treated differently because of my gender. I see other females get treated differently too anywhere I go. Sometimes people go easy on us because we are females and apparently weaker. Sometimes people take advantage of our apparent “weakness” too. Males go through unequal situations as well. Obviously I cannot say...
Alana_xo Drawing, Pencil
A is for ACTIVISM I was recently inspired to become an activist and I wanted to spread the word to more people to join.
Sophia_123 Drawing, Pencil