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Outside For some people, the outside is almost like a stranger to them nowadays. Ever since quarantine started, people are now required to work from their homes in isolation. This can have some negative and positive effects on a person's mental health, and the photo shows an example of a point of view of how a person views quarantine. From working at...
Tags: "outside, black and white, laptop, indoors"
CHernandez02 Photography, Black and White
Pandemic "Pandemic. There are so much going on at a single time that we can’t keep up. Getting lost in the problems that feel like are never going to get solved. We cover our faces to protect us from one, but in the end the only way to solve the rest is to show our faces to the world." Young creatives from Las Fotos Project spring semester cohort had to...
YouthMedia Photography, Black and White
Not Just in Quarantine "Racist America sees undocumented immigrants as someone who took their jobs I see a hard working grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, son,and daughter Racist America calls them an “illegal alien” I call them Mami, tía, y tío, primo o prima Racist America calls undocumented immigrants rapists, murderers, and criminals But forget to call out...
YouthMedia Photography, Black and White
Quarantine Las Fotos Project - I was lucky to be only a sophomore. I was lucky to still have two years of High School ahead of me. Other than a summer internship and spring break, I haven’t lost a lot to the pandemic. I am one of the lucky ones. I wish I could say I have been productive with my time. I wish I could say I learned how to play my sisters...
YouthMedia Photography, Black and White
Blanco y Negro A part of OYE's summer photography initiative ""Quarantine Through My Eyes"" (Cuarentena a través de mis ojos). Learning how use mobile devices creatively capture and share photographs of what life in lockdown looked like for them.
YouthMedia Photography, Black and White
One book one girl campaign Providing quality education for children in Sierra Leone. I have been visiting schools in order to see them access quality education for a positive country and a better world education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world access to quality education in Sierra Leone has been a serious challenge and most girls have left...
Samshekamoi Photography, Black and White
MAJESTIC MOUNTAINS Puffy popcorn clouds, a clear sky, and a world without the atrocious effects of Global Warming is what Team India feels is a 'good life' This picture represents all the same. The pollution that is currently drowning India and making it like a 'Gas Chamber' like is what we truly want to eradicate. A 'Good Life' to us is where nature takes its...
Tags: mountains, environment, nature, sustainability, climate change, Decarbonize, SDG, global warming, climate action, pollution, art
suhaneegiroti Photography, Black and White
30 Micaela Barreto
maryduncancrai Photography, Black and White
25 Ronald Riquelme
maryduncancrai Photography, Black and White
24 Pablo Danese
maryduncancrai Photography, Black and White