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Isolated but Integrated Hi I am Daniela. For my photo, it shows a lonely park, but is it really lonely? Its full of creativity, activities, and details. Ever since quarantine, everything has been abandoned and alone; we all used to be together, hanging out and having fun. So this picture depicts the thought of being alone but reunited at the same time. This stood out...
Tags: selfquarantine, isolation, creativity, quarantine
day_nel Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Passion for Ballet I love dancing and I miss being in my dance room with my friends sharing our passion for ballet. The eyes reflected on the mirror remind me to keep watching anything that life serves and shows, It will come back the time to be in that beautiful dance room double appreciating it.
YouthMedia Photography, Digitally Manipulated
This is Me This flower is definitely a life reminder, no matter how the leaves get hurt, the roots bring you strength, balance and a firm vision in life. The flower is the soul facing life in a different and renewal direction. This is me.
YouthMedia Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Le maraton créatif Anne Marie Amira bahmed Aider des personne ma famille, he essaye des choses different et intéresent
Tags: Photo numérique
EliHall Photography, Digitally Manipulated
tranquility The tranquility of being with the environment
Tags: Puerta18
ErikSuca Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Le bien-être spirituel Ouvert d’esprit Libre
Haziq Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Believe in yourself. Believe in yourself with full energy.
Tags: graphicdesign
mridulcharles Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Happiness is well beings. Pictures shows the love of happinesss.
Tags: graphicdesign
mridulcharles Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Being Connected. For me well being means to stay connected with the community. This artwork shows the phases of life. Sometimes the situation get dark, Sometimes your eyes gets blue. Sometimes you showcase yourself to people that you are fine and doing well but in the end your mind is still connected to the world and community. You will face 100 problem but you...
Tags: graphicdesign
mridulcharles Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The Machine "The Machine" represents a city consumed itself by pollution. The factories have transform it to a machine subordinated to the industry. It is a city that doesn't breathe, that doesn't live except for this purpose. In the end, its humanity has been lost.
Tags: city, pollution, air pollution, factories, industry
Alfonsinaa Photography, Digitally Manipulated