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To Have a Heart The main thing this world lacks the most; is a heart. People need to have a heart for this place to become better, you can not just keep dragging a cold ice brick and expect it to heat up on its own. We need to start sympathizing with each other first to move ahead. Thus a heart latching on to the earth.
globalgallery Drawing, Charcoal
Disappearing blue My art work shows all the wrong actions of humans that are harming our water bodies. Art by student of Suncity School, Gurgaon, India
Tags: water, climate change, Suncity School, india, global warming, save earth
clannapurna Drawing, Charcoal
La naturaleza y la mujer El dibujo representa la imagen de una mujer que llora por las afectaciones que tiene la naturaleza por el efcto del cambio climático
Tags: environment, nature, climate change, global warming, earth, art, #savetheplanet
danielbb Drawing, Charcoal
lying in our deeds Human beings have exploited and overused the resources nature has given us Making us burn down to only our greed.
Tags: #weneedchange #climate
Farahsadek Drawing, Charcoal
Loving Earth The drawing represents the love we should all have to Earth because it is our home and we should cherish it and protect it
marisolssv Drawing, Charcoal
Save the Polar Bears This art was created by a fourth grader at Bullis Charter School in California, USA.
anushkasrinivasan Drawing, Charcoal
Mi comunidad Es el lugar donde me siento segura, donde todas las personas que amo viven, mi familia, amigos y compañeros de escuela
Tags: pais, paz, familia, amigos
Mmurillo_76 Drawing, Charcoal
La Cancha Es el lugar donde me siento libre y puedo practicar el deporte que amo.
Tags: juego, amgios
Mmurillo_76 Drawing, Charcoal
portrait series Lanjar Jiwo portrait series Lanjar Jiwo drawing on paper 2011
Tags: art, draw, indonesia, yogyakarta, artist, lanjar jiwo
artfolk15 Drawing, Charcoal
preparing Dunja Savcic drawing
Dunja011 Drawing, Charcoal