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Plant trees to save earth The children are planting trees in order to fight global warming and prevent climate change. By planting more trees we can save earth. It will increase awareness
Razia Drawing, Pastel
CLIMATE CHANGE Our artwork is directly related to the Climate Change and the sea levels rise. It purposes to create awarness about climate change and show people how this can really harm our cities and countries. In the drawing the wave is bigger then the city, to show nature power, show that we are nothing comparing to the enviroment. Another point that we...
Tags: climatechange, oceanwise
cconradt Drawing, Pastel
La arena y la playa Se explicita el proyecto protección de las arenas de las playas
danielbb Drawing, Pastel
El reciclaje en la naturaleza Se describe como se usan materiales reciclados en un pintura que embellece el alma
danielbb Drawing, Pastel
Comparing Urban Footprints A cool infographic about form, density and transportation
Liamjod Drawing, Pastel
Save Trees Lakshmi Biradar of grade 10, Jaihind Public School, Udgir, Maharashtra, India, expressing her thoughts about saving trees and saving electricity
Tags: #protectozonelayer, #saveenvironment, #savetrees, #decarbonize, #globalwarming
clannapurna Drawing, Pastel
Stop the Chop! We need to stop cutting down trees to help combat climate change!
Tags: climate change
Aisha-Maalim Drawing, Pastel
Man's insatiable hunger Art by students of grade 6, Suncity School, India.
Tags: india, Suncity School, environment, climate change, greed, pollution, deforestation
clannapurna Drawing, Pastel
Water is precious Art by Shreya, Suncity School, India. Description: Water is valuable and needs to be conserved.
Tags: india, Suncity School. Clean, green, environment, pollution, save water
clannapurna Drawing, Pastel
Stop the drip, Save the drop! Art by students of grade 5, Suncity School, Gurgaon, India. Description: Do not let water overflow. Conserve water.
Tags: india, Suncity School. Clean, green, environment, save water
clannapurna Drawing, Pastel