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The Vast Oceans Set I created this to express how we are destroying the oceans and how beautiful they really are. This shows how the oceans were before, and how they used to teem with life, but now, with more fishing and sporting events, it is changing our oceans. It is causing dangerous animals to come close to shore due to rising water temperatures, and that is...
globalgallery Drawing, Pastel
Magnifying the beauties of future We are responsible for our dreams. We dare to change the future. Today. I can't watch nature dying because of people's irresponsible actions. Art means nature and nature means art. Dare to dream big!
globalgallery Drawing, Pastel
PAST AND PRESENT I want to bring the past, the earth that doesn't have problems
Tags: save, safe, love
Lorenzo2 Drawing, Pastel
#DECARBONIZE Air pollution
Tags: pollution climate
SeanMarco Drawing, Pastel
Human change I believe we humans should, at least, try to pay back for our actions that may have negatively impacted the environment
Inesbertoni Drawing, Pastel
#Decarbonize To be more aware of our environment, by using the #decarbonize
nadia_plg Drawing, Pastel
Sustaining Seedlings Our collective actions serve as the seedlings manifesting the blossoming movement of climate action. These seedlings grow and nourish to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. In brief, climate justice does not only revolve around the environmental spectrum, but it also roots out to socioeconomic, political, and...
Tags: human, seedlings, sustainable, development, climate justice, collective movement
cjmendoza Drawing, Pastel
Melting Point This picture shows about global warming and delineate earth as an ice-cream which melts down because of extreme heat.
khadijakiran Drawing, Pastel
Scourge of Pollution The painting shows two phases of earth and it also gives us hope for a better place to live
khadijakiran Drawing, Pastel
Earth on Fire! The painting depicts two different aspects of the earth.The green and blue area shows that we still have time to make amends and portrays hope for better earth and the other zone with increased temperature shows that it is high time to take measures to save earth
khadijakiran Drawing, Pastel