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Change yourself not the climate The purpose is to say a stop to the pollution we make and the climate change. The man in the front raising his hand is saying a stop to the pain and suffer that's happening in his back because of the climate change and behind that suffer there are people holding the world with ropes and they are burning the world on fire they made with purpose...
globalgallery Painting, Watercolour
Nature knows better Let us permit nature to have her way
Ashritha2108 Painting, Watercolour
Pollution Stop pollution
Ashritha2108 Painting, Watercolour
Save the planet The purpose of my ART is to spread the message of "save the world" to the public and world. I chose to create this ART because we have a limited time to save the world and if we keep harming it we won't have anything left to save and soon everything around us will die.
Tags: #savetheplanet, #world, #earth
ayu08 Painting, Watercolour
Pouring happieness This piece is saying that the line between happiness and sadness is ver thin. The rainbow rain is the happiness and the umbrella thin line that is blocking you.
globalgallery Painting, Watercolour
Waking up to Greenery I am Rishit Kanodia, a 13-year-old Indian. This is how I would want the world to be like, through plants and greenery. The artwork I have made shows that everyone would love to wake up to be surrounded by greenery. The women in my artwork symbolizes mother Earth calling out the greenery, and the yellow sphere symbolizes a ball of energy. When it...
globalgallery Painting, Watercolour
Food Sustainability and the links between climate change and agriculture My artwork aims to encourage investment in the agricultural industry so that farmers can get the money they need to increase their productivity and yields. As we support farmers financially, they will have access to inputs or the machinery they need to produce as much produce as feasible and sustain food production. As the farmers and we plant...
jorjafrndz Painting, Watercolour
No water, no life. Limitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth. (H. Zimmer)
Tags: planet, ocean, blue, earth, water, black
hakob_kojoyan Painting, Watercolour
Water is the driving force in nature. Keep close to Nature's heart. Wash your spirit clean.
Tags: deer, water, tree, green, reflection, gray, nature
hakob_kojoyan Painting, Watercolour
Temiz hava sağlıklı havadır. Resmimi hava kirliliğine dikkat çekerek, temiz bir havanın insanları daha sağlıklı ve mutlu edeceğini göstermek için yaptım.
Elfnaz_Bilgili Painting, Watercolour