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tinisha Cartoons
Ocean Dying #DECARBONIZED Ocean dying slowly because of pollution
AshtonLuna Cartoons
A world without happiness I wanted to show my perspective of the future world, where there is no happiness due to death.
globalgallery Cartoons
Un mundo mejor Las imágenes representadas en mi trabajo representan los conflictos y temas más importantes que necesitan una solución para poder mejorar el mundo.
globalgallery Cartoons
Las consecuencias de la tecnología humana Mi objetivo es mostrar las consecuencias que hay al momento de producir carros.
globalgallery Cartoons
PEACE FOR THE KIDS I did this to represent that children need to be on a peaceful environment, and nowadays there are world wars, so this must be changed.
globalgallery Cartoons
The Perfect City I expect for my and everyone futures, to live in a safe and peaceful city for all families
globalgallery Cartoons
EMPATIA These are the visions that come up to my mind when I close my eyes and imagine a better world. I think of all the things that are changing very quickly and also about the many ‘problems’ to fix in the world today. Issues represented in this piece are: fight for equality (LGBTQ+), Peace and Conflict, Environment (Global Warming and...
globalgallery Cartoons
Bad effects This shows what would happen before and after the environment if we don't take action to decarbonize our surrounding and to save our planet.
Aryana-Fajardo Cartoons
Woman the perfection of women
Tags: Puerta18, woman
ErikSuca Cartoons