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Seeking with The Bird Birds loves to migrate, so birds is just like a signal for a climate changes. Usually animals instinct has an attendance to guide bird to a more suitable places. A negative will basically moved the birds away. In the Europe, the amount of population of birds to adapt in the winter condition is getting lower and lower. On the other side of...
ckarsgaard Photography, Colour
Old Man's Motorcycle This is one of my photo that represented me as an Indonesia, but why? In the photo, you can see an old man that ride his old blue bike, outside a big city. In fact, this photo was taken when i traveled with my school to Madura. Madura is an island, that's not so big, just across the most crowded island in Indonesia, Java. From the island of...
ckarsgaard Photography, Colour
Circles of Life The image is a collection of pictures that represent the beautiful colors and diversity in Colombia, this is what we are, life, color, and love.
Tags: photography
JulianaSG Photography, Colour
River through the city (Ptuj-Slovenia) Through many cities flowing rivers that bring the possibility of relaxation, recreation, development... but they should remain clean...
DavidHamersak Photography, Colour
Reality vs Ideal The real world is shown by the first phase in the picture, the background shows how the world was given to us.
sdelrio Photography, Colour
Exposition in isolation Sometimes the focus isn’t on the important. Support the proper changes.
Taylorhezz13 Photography, Colour
Canadian Diversity Each snowman has a different vegetable for a nose to represent how diverse they are. Not everyone has to have a carrot here- you are free to be who you want to be.
snowmen Photography, Colour
Forest This place is called "FOREST" it is located along Kaduna - Jos road in Nigeria
Ibe Photography, Colour
Clear Skies, No exhaust More people are becoming aware of global warming and alternative energy source ideas are arising. I was in a taxi on my way to an open house when I noticed the energy monitor. This particular taxi is run electrically. Knowing this, maybe other vehicles in Calgary are run via electric motor. Here are some photos and photos of a clean environment...
QueenYasmin Photography, Colour
You Belong We belong
YouthFirst Photography, Colour