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JURI Photography, Colour
"code" The meaning behind my film "code" is to give the viewers an idea of what I do throughout quarantine. The film gives a good representation of how I think whenever I am programming. Trying to figure out how I can manage my projects with such little space to work with doesn't stop me from getting things done. With the help of Urgent Inc. (where I'm...
Tags: "coding, programming, laptop, productive, quarantine"
CHernandez02 Mixed Media
"Desnudo II"
ramoncastellano Painting
"M" Dragon Ball Z Like the inscription on this work, this work is very personal to me and special too. This friend of mine is quite a great artist and I quite appreciate his gift or what someone else will call talent. His work is my first here and also this second. From now, you'll be seeing mine. Tribute and thanks to a dear friend, "Bambolino di Siciliano".
edenomandafrica Cartoons
#Every28hours Every 28 hours in the United States of America, an African-American citizen is killed by a police officer. With the recent deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Akai Gurley and others, the issue of police violence and racial profiling is all over news and social media. But the one perspective we're not hearing in mainstream media is that of...
ayv Mixed Media
'Turned into rubble' Life is looking better for the returning villagers of Kalar Shahi. Perched on a plateau an hour's drive south of Kabul, the village sustained severe damage during the Soviet invasion and the ensuing civil war. Houses were turned into rubble and residents fled to Pakistan and elsewhere. With its population now returning, the village is being...
enayatyama Photography, Colour
+ Flores
efraimneto Photography, Colour
-THE POWER OF CULTURE--RURAL OUTREACH PROGRAMME Ghanaians love their music. Wheter it is folk, gospel, highlife or hiplife ( Ghanaian version of hiphop). One of the means by which CHDSC Ghana reaches the community is through entertainment education model where only performing arts are used. Here are two photos of the CHDSC's cultural troupe, Obrumankoma Traditionals of Mankessim in action...
chdscghana Photography, Colour
. c'était lors de mon exposition à Langres en France et ce du 11 octobre au 16 Novembre 2008.
habli Sculpture
habli Sculpture