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lightening computer generated art with painter classic
branded 3D Graphics
Girl on a Cliff Girl modeled with Poser 4, terrain, and sky rendered in Bryce 5. Tree, cliff, moon, stars, dress, flowers and hair done with Photoshop 7. A 3D/2D recreation of a silk-screen print I made in the 70's. Tranquil and daring, she watches the sunset over the horizon.
Infinitee 3D Graphics
Britannia 55 BC Book cover created for a novel by writer Steve Newman. Characters modeled with Poser and rendered with Alias Maya. Trees, sunset skyline clothing, hair, skin textures and special effects painted with Photoshop. There is much more detail in thi image than what you can see here.
Infinitee 3D Graphics
Pyramids Consiracy Is that the way they came :) ?
erikstalhammar 3D Graphics
Events Horizon Definitions of space are changing as are our interactions with space, we do not perceive in the same way and this alteration needs to be addressed in architecture and spatial awareness. Non-static, hyperbolic geometries present us with muliple spaces no two views being the same a non hierarchy in design which allows us to inhabit and appropriate...
Laudenum 3D Graphics
Poster This one of the poster use to enchane the culture of Africa expecially in the mix of Art Students of Poly Ibadan
femlad 3D Graphics
JURI 3D Graphics
JURI 3D Graphics
Fire around AIDS Challenge Fire around AIDS: This artwork moves from messages to education and concrete action for the spread of fire around HIV/AIDS. Fire to enlighten the future for better alternatives and fire to translate support into capacity for development of our future aimed at building a secured future towards total health and well-being of the youth.
ekwuruke 3D Graphics
tandrew 3D Graphics