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Ethiopian Angel Ethiopian global angel
clarita Computer Graphics
Nunca Más Esta foto fue tomada desde el interior de uno de los centros de detención clandestinos que funcionaron durante al última dictadura militar en Argentina (1976-1983). Desde la ventana de lo que hoy son las ruinas del mirador de una casa fenomenal frente al mar, puede verse el testimonio de los hijos de aquellos hombres y mujeres jóvenes que...
marianaballestero Photography, Colour
woman of virtue this image shows just woman plain and simple. their has been injustice and prejudice agains woman in all countries and though this work of art I examine the emotions and expressions of woman. the work is in watercolours and watercolour pencils and it is A2
gisela Painting, Watercolour
Walls Parents who teach their children to discriminate are building a wall that prevents children from enjoying the benefits of diversification. However, some children posses the ability to tear down these walls that society has built. My picture shows a young girl, who finds the world to be a beautiful place on the other side of the wall.
nicant Mixed Media
ONE EARTH ONE ORIGIN Diverse results can start from one origin.... no matter whats your face ,no matter whats your race we belong to the same origin we belong to the same earth.......
hebaz 3D Graphics
I'am just kidding I watch a romance film yesterday and she said that to her boyfriend...then I drew this hehehe
justbe2free Drawing, Pencil
eye to eye This piece of art was exciting for me to do because of the animals eyes
bledsoeart Painting
1000s of hopes.... in eyes Group of rural women waiting for distribution, in flood affected areas of Sindh Province in Pakistan
Shahnawaz Photography, Colour
Food for thought Yes this cat is hungry! and the meal just swam by
bledsoeart Painting, Acrylic
Cho This piece is about the impact of marginalizatyion on those being isolated. It's inspired by the Virginia Tech Massacre. The title of the piece is named after the culprit of the incident.
Tags: marginalization, human rights
DianaSze Painting, Acrylic