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Colored World
BA 3D Graphics
Tourist Sight in Soqatra Island -Yemen This site shows the tree in Soqatra Island that are called Brother's Blood Tree.
alrumim 3D Graphics
HIV Friendly HIV has been a global issue taking place in our locals and with us, making the picture red makes it look bad, bloody and death. I believe the picture is long over due for a change in the colour of HIV/AIDS to make it youth friendly and colour based to get the attention of all. It is our time to make AIDS history, we need a change in everything...
ekwuruke 3D Graphics
Cleopatra out of space Cleopatra out space face part 1 this is a giant size 3d animation poster of the the mega super star singer diva producer director the world no 1 multi-genre musician the one and only queen of the Nile... Cleopatra
cleopatrasinger 3D Graphics
Africans say no to HIV/AIDS I strongly believe that HIV/AIDS can be sent out of Africa if only we can say no to casual sex. Saying no to casual sex directly means saying no to HIV/AIDS. Though the syndrome can also be contacted by other means but those are insignificant. Spouses should remain faithful to each other and young people should wait till they get married. Why...
stephvic 3D Graphics
Fire around AIDS Challenge Fire around AIDS: This artwork moves from messages to education and concrete action for the spread of fire around HIV/AIDS. Fire to enlighten the future for better alternatives and fire to translate support into capacity for development of our future aimed at building a secured future towards total health and well-being of the youth.
ekwuruke 3D Graphics
beautiful amazing view in lahore.
bakht 3D Graphics
Elgon youth brass band Learning how to read music.
ELGON 3D Graphics
Elgon youth brass band Nice and warm beds for the needy.
ELGON 3D Graphics
Elgon youth brass band Former street child.
ELGON 3D Graphics