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Submissions (2158)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Climate Change Photoshop It shows the effects of climate change on the globe and the need for us to address the underlying reasons for this problem to be able to curb further damaging effects like food shortages.
carthy Photography, Digitally Manipulated
On the Path to the Future These photos depict the work Leben und Lernen in Kenia (Live and Learn in Kenya) is doing in the heart of the Rhonda slums in Nakuru. The Rhonda slums has a very high rate of HIV/AIDS in Nakuru. We cater to the children's primary needs: food, water, health, and education.
Brique Photography, Colour
Untitled EL PERDON
german Computer Graphics
Heart of artist "El arte es un mediador entre el hombre y el universo". Las imagenes aparecen en mi cabeza creando un universo propio
NAKATA Mixed Media
pscornerstone Photography, Colour
pscornerstone Photography, Colour
pscornerstone Photography, Colour
Aare Nbo!
pscornerstone Photography, Colour
Goal Is Not Achieved It Is Created I captured this image around 7:3m am of 23rd May, 2005, I went to countryside, this picture is just a symbolic representation for creation of goal,
kamalkumar Photography, Colour
Language as Violence - Media It has been observed that the more one is exposed to violent media especially children they tend to make it part of their behaviour. Media therefore, by extension is a language presenting violence.
Bwire Drawing, Pencil