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A wall of misunderstanding Every day we build the walls both real and imagined. Because of these walls we lose our friends, we cannot hear, we cannot see, we do not want to understand. We think we hurt that people on the other side of the wall
boroshok 3D Graphics
teatro al patio teatro al patio realizado por los internos del centro penitecioario de Pereira
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teatro al patio tatro al patio hobra jocosa de los reclusos
german 3D Graphics
CHILDREN IN A DIPSPLACED CAMP-UGANDA Children in northern Uganda in their new home. (A people's displaced camp) Children's rights have been greatly abused as a result of the civil war that has gone on for over 20 years.
tandrew 3D Graphics
Freedom & USA Freedom & Democracy! Here it is This! Usa pronunciation to giv as a gift! Freedom!
abdullah- 3D Graphics
Just Dream But it is war against us. The war of the 21st century-terrorism, when simple people are dying, houses and trains are crashing. Today you live, you feel, and you suffer. Then, you will dream and, maybe, never awake. This train to the sky, it is falling out from the railway, materials are crashing, but we have already dreamed. Newer more you will...
Shashnia 3D Graphics
Let there be peace Peace for all is the message to all
ali83yasir 3D Graphics
AIDS Doesn't Kill, TB Kills! HIV/AIDS does not kill, tuberculosis kills. It is a matter of human disability, a state of the mind, the inability of humanity to confront a disability that confronts it. A world that allows for ability and disability. Testing and knowing makes the difference. Tuberculosis kills as much as HIV/AIDS. It is a disability.
ekwuruke 3D Graphics
Conflict is Violent Conflict is a universal language that everybody understands. People tend to see it as a way of doing things and making people understand that they are greater. It has the ability to put fire in the place of angels and attract attention. Young people tend to use it because our leaders have misguided us "My friends mom was complaining that his...
ekwuruke 3D Graphics
Aso Rock A Panoramic view of the Aso Rock, the monumental and ominipresence landmark in the city of Abuja, the place where the heart of government of Nigeria reside and the pride of Gwari people of Nigeria is where the National Assembly is, the Executive State house could not be far but built inside here and also the Supreme court of Nigeria, the apex...
ekwuruke 3D Graphics