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Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
"Peace" "Peace" Universal Mother
jackiehaltom Painting, Acrylic
Walls Parents who teach their children to discriminate are building a wall that prevents children from enjoying the benefits of diversification. However, some children posses the ability to tear down these walls that society has built. My picture shows a young girl, who finds the world to be a beautiful place on the other side of the wall.
nicant Mixed Media
All Language dissolves in to one when Humanity wakes up All Language dissolves in to one when Humanity wakes up
Anumukonda Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Blue Girl I think this one is kind of simple and yet it has some form of a deep meaning.
commogod79 Painting
Mother and daughter This is a drawing I did as a gift to my Gramma (my hero). I think the love and sacrifices of a mother is shown on her face.
Robin-hood Drawing, Pencil
pscornerstone Photography, Colour
United We Stand The saying goes united we stand divided we fall, like gears if one of them malfunctions the whole operation fails.
veronicah Ink, Pen
Global Unity Political boundaries today designate the overwhelming amount of inequality and the uneven global distribution of resources. If we can achieve the MDGs, the essence of international relations will be revolutionized. No longer will ecosystems, our health, and our economic well being be jeopardized by globalization. Rather, we will be able to use...
kmswann Computer Graphics
pscornerstone Photography, Colour
Language as Violence - Media It has been observed that the more one is exposed to violent media especially children they tend to make it part of their behaviour. Media therefore, by extension is a language presenting violence.
Bwire Drawing, Pencil