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Mandala The overall form of this artwork was inspired by traditional Tibetan mandalas. Instead of Buddhist deities I feature ICTs and the ways they affect my life, so that, while viewing this mandala-like collage you will meditate on it, and become enlightened as to how I work, play, learn and live in the context of the Information Society.
robertlin 3D Graphics
A Society of Information
jenergy 3D Graphics
city2078 100 years after my birth, I imagine cities like this. I create this graphic with 3d studio max. The original size is 640 x 480 pixels
NAKATA 3D Graphics
Willis 3D Graphics
Events Horizon Definitions of space are changing as are our interactions with space, we do not perceive in the same way and this alteration needs to be addressed in architecture and spatial awareness. Non-static, hyperbolic geometries present us with muliple spaces no two views being the same a non hierarchy in design which allows us to inhabit and appropriate...
Laudenum 3D Graphics
Intellectual Property I saw my intelectual property in another place! The relevance of the Internet. Strenghten copyright laws and let the writers live and be happy!
ekwuruke 3D Graphics
Mandrak 3D Graphics
Moon 3D design
monalisasmile 3D Graphics
Cosmic 3D design.
monalisasmile 3D Graphics
Young hype williams We Have All Seen The Hype Williams, If You Have Not Then Watch The LL Cool J Video Feat J Lo The New One...I Tried To Create Something Similar
Krest9 3D Graphics