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"At the Click of a Mouse"
kevin Computer Graphics
"code" The meaning behind my film "code" is to give the viewers an idea of what I do throughout quarantine. The film gives a good representation of how I think whenever I am programming. Trying to figure out how I can manage my projects with such little space to work with doesn't stop me from getting things done. With the help of Urgent Inc. (where I'm...
Tags: "coding, programming, laptop, productive, quarantine"
CHernandez02 Mixed Media
"Diesel" v4 "My imagery has become increasingly non-objective with no recognisable subject matter, the subject being the imagery itself. Non-objective art explores the potential of abstraction, the shape, depth, colours, tones, lines and texture, but does not try to pin down a subject. This lets the viewer respond emotionally to the piece. My vocabulary of...
pcooklin Computer Graphics
"Multilingual Studies Youth In Action" Symbolical of a new world is a villages to other countries for new beginning for a new life for all. For multilingual studies for Youth In Action.
leagueofyoungdiplomat Painting
"Robot Building" The Bank of Asia is a very famous building in Bangkok. It was made way back in 1985, and it's robotic appearance is just a symbol of the modernization of banking. It also has the ability to transform into a mega-robot. So, if Godzilla ever decided to show his green face in the land of Bangkok, they would have to fight!
Waleed Photography, Digitally Manipulated
"SPHERE HOUSE"- flipper. The Production elements folding mesh frames like skeleton (ribosomu). Entry and transition between house - a hyperbolic geometry. Free laying. For resident of the building, have a mobile telephone and Internet. When flood Workshop "SPHERE HOUSE"- flipper. The Project can be realized on north or south.
JURI Computer Graphics
'Scape The first image is a photograph from Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan. Over the second, I built a city. This piece is a reflection of the rapid and unsustainable nature of urban development. In my city, native prairie grasses have long been tilled over for crop land, and then in turn, the land has been swallowed by growing suburbs. Smoothed...
azellica Photography, Digitally Manipulated
(Triptico) Cala Rojo y Carnivoras. Una metáfora Figurativa. Oleo obre tela. 3 piezas 30" x 16".
francisvirtual Painting, Oil
...The Market Place "Aruwo Oja" litrarily means the noise of the market place.Many are those who came to the marketto buy and sell and end u p two ways...succeed or fail. The youth are masoned to duty by the picture. We have a role to play as future leaders in the next generation. The rights we have today may die the dy after if care is not taking to take charge...
pscornerstone Computer Graphics
Photography, Colour