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Submissions (23)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
alanwaters Sculpture
4 4
alanwaters Painting
7 7
alanwaters Painting
alanwaters Sculpture
alanwaters Sculpture
alanwaters Sculpture
ARTISTIC TENDANCY This piece is all about the media pressure forced upon women in everyday life. The suffocating Gender Roles which are still so stringent in our Media thirsty society. But most of all it is about my personal rebellion against having to conform to such old fashioned and materialistic ideals.
ameliavictoriadillingham Collage
Alms for the Poor - II This piece was created after viewing a movie set in the middle ages, when the image of a young woman kneeling at the steps of a church, begging for money, stayed with the artist.
gfontaigne Painting, Oil
A Man with Past A random sketch of a film star in HK, the settings are in the film "The Confession of Pain". I found him so complicated, he gave me a strong feeling. What do you guys think?
hide513zain Drawing, Pencil
Me on record This peice belongs to a six panel piece I composed in a study of color. It was also a study built from a self portrait. So that indication is expressed through my love of music.
JamesGallardo Painting, Acrylic