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Music Education It really has that amazing effect on people... It can calm you down, or even get you excited... It takes you away, or even brings you back to that place where you belong.
yarinos Cartoons
Music Music is a beautiful language shared over the world. Each didgeridoo, drum, nagaswaram or rainstick played around the world can carry a message of inspiration whilst possessing a wealth of history and heritage. To share this message with members of a different culture can open doors of cross cultural understanding and create a sense of oneness...
reggie Photography, Colour
alanwaters Sculpture
4 4
alanwaters Painting
7 7
alanwaters Painting
alanwaters Sculpture
alanwaters Sculpture
alanwaters Sculpture
ARTISTIC TENDANCY This piece is all about the media pressure forced upon women in everyday life. The suffocating Gender Roles which are still so stringent in our Media thirsty society. But most of all it is about my personal rebellion against having to conform to such old fashioned and materialistic ideals.
ameliavictoriadillingham Collage
Scum World is Hip It is a mixed media conglomeration detailing the disenfranchisement of the poor from an increasingly device worshipping materialistic society whose values are defined through surfaces. As a buddhist I have found that in the world of money and illusion, it is the elite scum who rules while the American dream has been kidnapped by the slave...
sandramonday Mixed Media