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Submissions (23)

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alanwaters Sculpture
alanwaters Sculpture
alanwaters Sculpture
alanwaters Sculpture
1, 2, 3... Action! - The Director Media is a lab of creativity... On TV Director is the main person who translate ideas into an action of scenes... He needs to have the necessary creativity and madness for transforming ideas into frames of action... He is Oswaldo Stuart a great man that have all these ingredients and a child spirit too. Originally took on the set #02 of a...
Latin Photography, Colour
4 4
alanwaters Painting
7 7
alanwaters Painting
A Man with Past A random sketch of a film star in HK, the settings are in the film "The Confession of Pain". I found him so complicated, he gave me a strong feeling. What do you guys think?
hide513zain Drawing, Pencil
Add creavity to your work! Students are given a task to create little posters about the facts they learned during communication with their international friend though friends.
NatalyaHamidova Photography, Colour
Alms for the Poor - II This piece was created after viewing a movie set in the middle ages, when the image of a young woman kneeling at the steps of a church, begging for money, stayed with the artist.
gfontaigne Painting, Oil