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Submissions (13)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Ghazal Its a Poem in Urdu language of a Pakistani Poet
APAP Computer Graphics
CULTURE MAKES US WHO WE ARE This artwork is a copy of my original piece in 1999. It portrays the traditional medium of communication through the "Atenteben", a Ghanaian traditional flute used to convey messages from Kings to their subjects. It was drawn using the pencil tool in Corel Draw '5' through the mouse of a Computer. But the background was a scanned...
blackus Mixed Media
Protesting for One Lebanon Photos taken by young journalists during the "Independence '05" Protests, at Martyrs' Square, Downtown Beirut, Lebanon - Spring 2005. The submissions are part of TIG's "Language as Violence, Violence as Language" Contest.
EmanEbed Photography, Colour
Cultural (R)Evolution China past and present.
Franziska Photography, Black and White
Santal Hul : Freedom struggle The painting is an expression of the liberation movement. The pattern is inspired from the “santal” tribal art. Santal are the indigenous people of India. Hul is a Santal tribe term. It means a movement for liberation. Santal Hul [1855] was one of the fiercest battles in the history of Indian freedom struggles causing greatest number of loss...
jamal Computer Graphics
Hands We are capable of so much. I often think of how grateful I am for my hands and all that they have allowed me to create - whether it be through artwork, typing, writing, building, exploring, holding other hands etc. They are also such a great way to communicate with others through a wave or a 'good job' kind of symbol/language.
jenergy Drawing, Pencil
Alien Culture
jrdewan Mixed Media
Culture "Culture."<br /><br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> -Limore Twena. Age 24. Canada.<br /><br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /><br /> 'Culture' was amoung the first Global Gallery Submissions showcased and launched within the TIG Booth at the Youth Empowerment Event, Toronto SkyDome in April 2001. View the <a...
LimoreTwena Painting
Do you understand me? A "Lingua Franca" is supposed to be a medium of communication between people of different languages. People disagree which language is to be the global lingua franca. English is common, yet Chinese is more widespread and yet others favour French. Some languages, like Esperanto, were created to bridge language barriers. But it's not the language...
luneaz Ink, Pen
The Children Speak the Same Language: That of Friendship Created by students ages 10-11 years old at Mihai Viteazul in Braila, Romania.
PTPIGYM Painting