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walk to school Are we addicted to the independence that our cars give us? Does that make us also addicted to their harmful effects, like pollution, road-deaths and climate chaos?
shtig Cartoons
Hands Human hands are the most powerful tool! Today they can cause Climate Change, tomorrow they can struggle with it.
Roness Collage
capitalist climate cola This is a spoof cola advert showing the link between eco-cidal consumerism and rampant climate chaos
shtig Computer Graphics
Wumph Fear and protection in current social and political climate represented in a child like way to reflect the helplessness felt by me as an individual surrounded by events I don’t understand or agree with.
doombunny Computer Graphics
Climate Change
Tasno Computer Graphics
Climate Change i need to say from this design is we must be one hand to fight any thing together !! to have problems it's okay but to not thinking in solve this problem so you are in trouble
kinoo Computer Graphics
Climate Change what I did here that I thought it might come the day that babies refuse to go out for their mums cuz of this problem ... & they wish if they borne with a gas mask to protect them selves ..... So I imagine that in my design to let the world feel the real disaster we gonna face it if we ignore the issue!!!
butterfly30 Computer Graphics
Gas - Silent, but deadly Gas - one of the many causes of climate change. Unfortunately, we can't run from the really "smelly" ones. Gas mask, anyone?
JessicaK Computer Graphics
Climate Change on TV! Climate change evokes responses from each one of us – on both individual and institutional levels. Those responses, in order to be articulated and delivered, must be transcribed into textual, verbal and visual content. The increasing complexities and impacts, on the ‘developing’ countries rightly calls for climate change on TV - World Wide News!
ekwuruke Computer Graphics
Climate Change The artwork shows an ice cube with a small landscape embeded inside. The top of the cube shows a very rich and colourful landscape with a lot of life. As we move to the right of the ice cube, we see that it is a little warmer, the deers do not have many places to hide anylonger. The trees are dying because the water is drying up. The final view...
nicant Drawing, Pencil-crayon