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climate eye Our Earth is getting hot day by day...
Payab Painting
Heat at 6 pm in Tema. 6 pm on the greenwich meridian in africa may be hotter than an american summer. Climate is a determining part of the global phenomenom of life. It determins the color diversity of citizens of the world. Picture of the skies of Tema in Ghana. Look through it, perhaps beyond it and feel the heat.
Tags: Decarbonize, SDG, global warming, climate action, pollution, art, climate change, sustainability, environment, nature
chakablazy Photography, Colour
walk to school Are we addicted to the independence that our cars give us? Does that make us also addicted to their harmful effects, like pollution, road-deaths and climate chaos?
shtig Cartoons
Climate Change what I did here that I thought it might come the day that babies refuse to go out for their mums cuz of this problem ... & they wish if they borne with a gas mask to protect them selves ..... So I imagine that in my design to let the world feel the real disaster we gonna face it if we ignore the issue!!!
butterfly30 Computer Graphics
Climate Change Photoshop It shows the effects of climate change on the globe and the need for us to address the underlying reasons for this problem to be able to curb further damaging effects like food shortages.
carthy Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Climate Change
stellakapto Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Effect of climate change The effect and impact of climate change on Nigeria Forest
taiwo4u Photography, Colour
Effect of climate change 2 The Effect of Climate Change on Nigeria Environment
taiwo4u Photography, Colour
capitalist climate cola This is a spoof cola advert showing the link between eco-cidal consumerism and rampant climate chaos
shtig Computer Graphics
Next-to-Last Thoughts Twilight Seas In the hour after the sun sets into the sea, nature's palette defies description. The names of colors are simply inadequate, so we resort to metaphor, describing the sky as moody, the light as inspiring, the water as wary. The artist Carson Collins believes this is why the emotional truth of his twilight seascapes is more...
hamlet279 Painting, Acrylic