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Submissions (4)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Enjoying The Gift Of Life This work is shows a woman and man enjoying life together. Its a portrayal of life with happiness-where both men and women enjoy life together hence equality, it shows a world where both men and women are free from the strains of full blast poverty and can afford Happiness, it further implies a world free from disease because a sick person...
pssendagire Print
Just Be Disease and the body...
Luisa13 Computer Graphics
Real pain Real pain an oil colour painting that symbolises the human suffering be it hunger, disease and any other human oppression. This truely reflects the situation in Africa, share the pain !!
simonwel Mixed Media
The disease charcoal/watercolor/acrylics was the culmination fo feelings on the birth of a friends child and my own childhood.
colexcash Mixed Media