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Submissions (248)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Who Else Can I Call Mother? For someone who had to go through thick and thin to nurture you to this age, I have all it takes to call her "Mummy". Who else can I call mother?
pscornerstone Photography, Colour
Goal Is Not Achieved It Is Created I captured this image around 7:3m am of 23rd May, 2005, I went to countryside, this picture is just a symbolic representation for creation of goal,
kamalkumar Photography, Colour
The Memories of Perfect Reflecting of the 'History' of my life, I compared those 'Living' memories in the context of the Present and a 'Preferred future' to establish a base for a "Perfect" community in which, even the least of privileges can be shared in a comparatively equal sense, as 'can be derived' from this presentation.
kakjustice Photography, Colour
Riff By Riff "It's anger. It's death. And absolute total bliss. Every song feels different." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994) Nirvana.
Luisa13 Photography, Black and White
Hope This is a tattoo for a friend. She is strong, ambitious and has the coolest personality. Thing is, I haven't met her in person: but the connection is out of this world. For You Amy, hang in there Lee Hawk.
Luisa13 Drawing, Pencil
Red Eye Most people rid of red eye in a photo.....why not bring emphasis to it and question what it could truly mean...
Luisa13 Computer Graphics
September The beginning of a supernatural friendship is what this sketch means to me. I drew it for someone in September 2003 and whenever I look at it, it reminds me of the beginning of something we share today. For You Lisa, From Suzanna
Luisa13 Drawing, Pencil
To High Places By Narrow Roads This is what I live my life by, the words in Latin meaning to travel to high places by narrow roads, metaphorically shape my view on life. The cross in the middle represents my faith. I had it tattooed on my lower back as a reminder to live... This photo was taken right after I got it done with my Zia Anna.
Luisa13 Ink, Pen
What is For Dinner? It’s the right to the arts of every thing in South Africa.
wahooe Photography, Colour
Listen This image describes the importance of music within my life and the lives of those around me. Shading with Lyrics as opposed to cross hatching is a major component to this piece... This is for you Kayley.
Luisa13 Ink, Pen