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Tierra Colores y sentimientos desde el centro de la madre tierra...
patch Drawing, Pastel
Naturaleza Colores de la Naturaleza, en orden seg
patch Drawing, Pastel
Mystic_Eyes i made this in photoshop software , with just smudging, I started this with no intention to make any thing, at the end , i Relized that it is some ones eyes looking at me, SO I SAVED THAT PICTURE , as EYES ,,, :)
Anumukonda Computer Graphics
Hot-Dog One of "delicius" food in S
massao Photography, Black and White
Argentina Natural Argentina
patch Drawing, Pastel
Nunca Más Esta foto fue tomada desde el interior de uno de los centros de detención clandestinos que funcionaron durante al última dictadura militar en Argentina (1976-1983). Desde la ventana de lo que hoy son las ruinas del mirador de una casa fenomenal frente al mar, puede verse el testimonio de los hijos de aquellos hombres y mujeres jóvenes que...
marianaballestero Photography, Colour
woman of virtue this image shows just woman plain and simple. their has been injustice and prejudice agains woman in all countries and though this work of art I examine the emotions and expressions of woman. the work is in watercolours and watercolour pencils and it is A2
gisela Painting, Watercolour
Village Hut This is the Hut in a Village name Guduru ( Near Machlipatnam ) in India.
Anumukonda Photography, Colour
Village Construction workers Village construction workers , removing the tree, which is on the line of the wall which need to be Built. This is the typical Village worker's costumes. This picture is taken in a Village by name Guduru , 6 Km form Machlipatnam in Andhrapradesh ( India )
Anumukonda Photography, Colour
Wired Orphan Adobe Photoshop6.0 This is supposed to represent man embracing machine in a disturbing but intimate existence.
stillwarm Photography, Digitally Manipulated