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Apartheid Wall - Jerusalem - Qalandia Photo taken by Raed
Tags: banksy, palestine, qalandia, apartheid
Raed Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Apartheid Wall-Qalandia Camp, Jerusalem Photo taken by Raed.
Tags: banksy, palestine, apartheid, qalandia
Raed Photography, Colour
education for bhutenese refugee young refuugee girls in shanischare camp, morang, nepal. 1 lakh above bhutenese are living nepal since 10 years, due to there government threat. nepals jhapa and morang districts in 3 community helping them but no sing for retun,so they going to decrease help. from last four years they facing poor help for better living and...
ghimirebhim Photography, Colour
Harsh conditions Others have been less lucky. The arid Sheik Misri settlement on the outskirts of the eastern town of Jalalabad is home to thousands of people without property who have returned home after decades in Pakistani refugee camps. This boy arrived in October with his father, Nur Rahman. "It is very difficult to live here," Nur Rahman says. "We have...
enayatyama Photography, Colour
Human rights of children in Bhutan.. Children in Bhutan are treated as slaves and does not enjoys any rights as a human beings. They are denied their rights to go to school and other basic rights. More then 25 thousands of the southern Bhutanese childrens were made homeless when Bhutan absolute monarch implimented the infamous ethnic cleansing in 1990 and 1991. Now they are... Photography, Colour
In the eyes of a refugee One of my first attempts with pencil.. which is not a long time ago. I found the reference picture at a McGill Site. here it is:
adiab Drawing, Pencil
refugee A Refugee Family searching for a Shelter...
Payab Painting, Oil
Running for freedom? A child running after me, having seen for the first time a "kawagia" in his life in the refugee camp of Jabarona, Khartoum, Sudan.
enzo Photography, Colour
They Build Walls, We Open Windows Taken in a school yard of a school in a refugee camp in Jerusalem. The childern are tearing down the wall that the army put there.
ilia307 Photography, Colour