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Submissions (6)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Cyber Predators 2006- I hope, I can Cyber Predators 2006 How do you protect yourself against people who want to cause you harm? I want to learn more about the styles of life and training of children to get skills in painting of the fine arts in North America (I'm the artist, student).
Alis15 Collage
The Cost of Living. Virtually. This describes the growing anxiety amongst the virtual community we live in. Everyday predators use new strategies to threaten potential users of the world wide web. In using the web, we must. In protecting ourselves, we must. But trying to balance the two is a constant source of confusion, stress and paranoia.
cherrie Photography, Digitally Manipulated
students learn the world though internet children learn the world though Internet
NatalyaHamidova Photography, Colour
Cyber Crime It is sad fact that technology created for helping people sometimes creates new fields of violence - the cyber crime which is dehumanizing idea of technology and endangering human side of interactions and communications.
Stridefull2 Ink, Pen
cyberkids overload This painting is about the kids who engaged in a new technology. They are open and vulnerable to view sex and violence in almost half of their lifetime created by a devilish mind. Technology will be the greatest invention of man has ever achieved , if it is properly use and apply. But for the CYBER-KIDS , sex and violence are just a common...
tartdelgado Painting, Oil
Hacking...Online security How do you feel about someone seeing what you're doing online, your emails,your PC info...hmm...Doesn't feel really interesting does it?
yarinos Cartoons