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Children of Africa! Children of Africa - feed them is an inspirational make up developed out of the concern that we need to put up structires to feed our children who are willing to go to school but no fees and support, who are ready to eat, but no food, who are ready to work, but no background. Feed them represent an artistic expression of love from all for child...
ekwuruke 3D Graphics
Democracy This is a hand-sketch drawn to vent out the frustration for the so called democracy. Ideally in a democracy the power needs to be in the hands of the people but actually we have ended up making corrupt and selfish politicians powerful.
Common-Man Cartoons
Bush and Africa! Bush has to tell us he is helping us!
9090 Cartoons
20 % increase in salaries! In summer 2005, the Egyptian government decided to increase the salaries of the public-sector workforce by 20 %. However, the prices increased dramatically, not allowing those poor employees to enjoy this slight increase in their salaries.
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Water prices next century The father-in-law to his wife: - Hey! Our daughter's groom is likely to be from a rich family...see what is he carrying as a present! *Thee groom is carrying a bottle of mineral water, in Cairo, 2030.
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Nyayo Monument Collage This is a collage representation of the Nyayo Monument in Kenya, a marble structure built by leaders of a former regime costing the country millions of shilling as their citizens lavished in abject poverty. The monument was put up to praise those leaders. It has recently been under a lot of criticism and has been abandoned. It is now an eyesore...
mmtairo Collage
Monument In a bid to replace the Nyayo monument with a friendlier and allowing monument, we were asked to present proposals for a replacement. This was my collage presentation on my original proposal. It consists of two triangular planes meeting at a point. The monument is open at the centre to allow for people to integrate with it.
mmtairo Collage
Doing It Right!
Seyram Collage
Eyes of poverty How to improve the world in which I live?
kamilatursunova Collage
JURI Collage