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Home is here, between us Home is everywhere... It does not only mean a physical place, but a variety of things. Home is the place where exists what you really love: a family, friends, a couple, a homeland, etc. Home refers to an active relation between two or more elements. Home is proactive and not a passive constituent: its essence is the relationship. This is the...
Sandro Photography, Colour
Does It Lead to My Home? An example of the bitter reality that hundreds of Nepales are facing. The children's father left them and married another. Children's mother is in capital Kathmandu and seeking to go to her parents home, which is very far. She is asking for job and money to return to her parents home. She says that her children have been hungry for 3 days. The...
kamalkumar Photography, Colour
Michaels show Michael Jordan a great favorite.. rendered in colored pencil
bledsoeart Drawing, Pencil-crayon
pscornerstone Photography, Colour
I Want To Be There I want to be there when the people start to turn it around, when they triumph over poverty, I want to be there when the people win the battle against AIDS, I want to lend a hand… (Hugh Masekela)
nyonibothwell Ink, Pen
Ibibio Guitarist The painting I am carrying in the picture it titled "IBIBIO GUITARIST." It is acrylic on canvas. The dimensions are 87cm x 107cm. At its bottom there is a plaque with the inscription: "Ibibio Guitarist Unemployment in Africa, is just like playing on invisible guitar, whose deluge of despondent strings, never really matter. Unenjoyment in...
udofia Painting, Acrylic
Goal Is Not Achieved It Is Created I captured this image around 7:3m am of 23rd May, 2005, I went to countryside, this picture is just a symbolic representation for creation of goal,
kamalkumar Photography, Colour
Genocide I am imagining genocide to the mental cruxifiction of a child who has lost his parents through conflicts and war.
mureithi Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Débrouillard aux Goyaves Nous sommes dans le contexte de propagande des OMDs. Mais ce contexte n'ajoute ni n'enlève rien à ce qui existe déjà. Alors, l'homme, le jeune homme dirais-je veux faire vivre sa famille et vivre aussi. Il se débrouille en vendant ses goyaves dans les rues de Baffoussam, une ville du Cameroun.
dzonteu Photography, Colour
HIDDEN REALITY IN THE CITY In this world, Sometimes the reality was being hidden by the beautiful facades that covers the ugly truth. Especially in the Philippines, the government is always hidding the reality to other country. Often times, foreigners get frustrated of what they see in the city, especially when they are getting down from the airplane where they can see...
choyg8 Photography, Colour