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&(happy; violent; times) c'est moi toi eux nous et dieu dans l'éternité
gregory-ch Painting
15 seconds to think & implement Just examine how strong is an egg before it breaks, it breaks within an instant, you cannot glue it together, and it needs to be handled with more care. Such is a Person Affected by the diseases like HIV/AIDS, the loss they incur is un-imaginable. However, they can communicate what anyone except them cant, from the fragments of their broken...
awaqeel Photography, Colour
20 % increase in salaries! In summer 2005, the Egyptian government decided to increase the salaries of the public-sector workforce by 20 %. However, the prices increased dramatically, not allowing those poor employees to enjoy this slight increase in their salaries.
aymanelhakea Cartoons
A Hope in the Middle of Frustation I met Eulogio, an smart and charismatic kid of around 11 years old, in a barber shop of Lima. He came from Huancavelica, the poorest district of the Andes of Peru, for earning some money by working as a polish boots in Lima. He reflects in his smile the attitude of a kid that believes in the future. Eulogio represent thousand of children that...
Latin Photography, Colour
A Sea of Good Spirits Dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
clarita Computer Graphics
A street vendor A place to sleep, somewhere a person can drink and eat at ease is all what is called home. Just look at the street vendor...he marches down everywhere for selling his sweets, and dwells where he can find refuge, let it be a pavement, a chair, or a bed...every place is like home....
awaqeel Photography, Colour
A Swig of the Future... This is what the global north is doing to the global south via transnational corporations. Mussolini called it, way back when, a new stage of (corporate) fascism. Not all kinds of fascism look like Adolph Hitler.
gman Computer Graphics
A Ugandan model from Banyankole tribe The piece shown is of Banyankole tribe.It shows generally how beatiful their in that once they put on nice clothes thier beaty increases.
sadatedriss Sculpture
Age A pastel of a beautiful aged woman. Her expression is emotional and speaks to the viewer without saying a word.
ckelleher Drawing, Pastel
Al and Jesus
Stridefull2 Drawing, Pencil-crayon