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Who ICT can Help him? He is sitting besides a dustbin and drinking dirty water. He is a poor kid so no one interested about him. This picture is taken from our capital City Dhaka.
arafatul Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Poverty Female labors are working with male in a paddy processing centre. They survive with a very struggle in life. This photograph was taken by Md. Arafatul Islam from natore (Banpara) district, Bangladesh.
arafatul Photography, Digitally Manipulated
How ICT Can Develop them? A kids of Bangladesh Who takes his food. Did you think about his place (Where he is sitting)? See the next Image.
arafatul Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Elimnate the Worst form of child labour this child is a rag picker he collets a plastic botels for heare and theres from garbiges and markeets,he also colect the cards ,papers,bones,sringes,metels,glass and other things this child and others are same kindes of childrens are in haezords condation.
arq Photography, Colour
Stop Child Labour
arq Painting, Oil
Untitled Yes
awrahimi Photography, Colour
Lives transformed Fabric and carpet weaving are skills that have all but disappeared during Afghanistan's many years of war. In Zinda Jan district of western Herat Province, aid groups have helped 1,000 impoverished women revive the traditional skill of silk production. The women received Chinese silk worm eggs, equipment and money to buy mulberry leaves to...
enayatyama Photography, Colour
gadel84 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
CYF volunteer with Rural Children (relief program) CYF volunteer with Rural Children (relief program)
green Photography, Colour
Untitled Art compitition
green Photography, Colour