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At school School kids having a laugh at the white girl and her camera.
sandalchild Photography, Colour
Child seller, child labor Thousands of children work as unpaid domestic servants, garments workers and seller (mostly in restaurant, motor workshop and in glossary shop). Including Bangladesh in all developing countries, children are forced to work for living and survival of their family. They are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. In every afternoon thousands of...
siraj Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Childhood Lost...Childhood Found I wanted to reflect on the issue of child labour in a way that was both diverse and universal so I choose to portray the difference between a child who's life as a child is snatched away (thus they are in search of happiness ♥?) and a child who was allowed to be just that, a child (thus happiness is found in this case ♥!). Note:...
kurshauna Cartoons
Children in Bangladesh Rakib, a 10 year old disabled boy tied up with rope to his carts because of safety in the streets by his mother.
nilabir Photography, Black and White
CYF volunteer with Rural Children (relief program) CYF volunteer with Rural Children (relief program)
green Photography, Colour
Elimnate the Worst form of child labour this child is a rag picker he collets a plastic botels for heare and theres from garbiges and markeets,he also colect the cards ,papers,bones,sringes,metels,glass and other things this child and others are same kindes of childrens are in haezords condation.
arq Photography, Colour
How ICT Can Develop them? A kids of Bangladesh Who takes his food. Did you think about his place (Where he is sitting)? See the next Image.
arafatul Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Kidz are Beautiful and So is Life A child's representation of partnership and Friendship. The basis for a strong Finance Vision.
kingfisher001 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Life after Poverty Eradication. The drawing is by Francis Bwindira 17 years. He has reformed from street life system and is in class 8, at Morrison Primary school. He stays at Bahati Rehabilitation center. The Image is a crayon drawing, and it shows a lady who has come home. She has just packed her car outside. At the top left side some electricity poles are showing....
Mulei Drawing, Crayon
Life During Poverty Reduction. The drawing is by Peter Waithaka who is 14 yeas. He was a former street boy who has reformed, now in class 7, at Morrison Primary school. Image is about life after capacity building and poverty eradication. It shows a man and his wife who are working at there poultry farm. The woman has just collected the eggs while the husband feeds the...
Mulei Drawing, Crayon