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Global Youth Murals, 2007 & 2008 Projects For guidelines to participate in this annual art contest, contact Visit to learn more about what PTPI is doing to promote Peace through Understanding.

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Photography, Colour
Photography, Black and White
Leiden 2007
ArnoldYasin Painting
portrait07 graphic illustration 2d " portrait " by H. I.
Artvif Photography, Colour
TABLEAU007 art plastique huile " mon premier village " by I. H
Artvif Photography, Colour
07 WAR Fantastic Photography. Black & White Photomontage
benariehphotographer Photography, Black and White
noone 2007project artclass beautification this is my piece on the grange park community centre beside many more
bvr Photography, Colour
007 car Aston Martin Vanquish (if spelt correct that is) big, big fan of
Chevron8 Drawing, Pencil
Cindea Painting
Full Bloom, Cherry blossoms 2007 An excellent representation of life's cycles. The blossoms represent the various transformations we all go through, throughout our entire lives which subsides as a constant action within our daily experience.
hgirling Photography, Digitally Manipulated