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Global Youth Murals, 2007 & 2008 Projects For guidelines to participate in this annual art contest, contact Visit to learn more about what PTPI is doing to promote Peace through Understanding.
Drawings 2001 - 2008 I love to draw. In this set are a handful of my drawings.

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3D DejaVu 2008 sketch Exploring the concept of 3D using grafitti drawing techniques.
ArnoldYasin Drawing, Pencil
Algonquin Summer 2008-The Storms part 1 The season's are changing in Canada --wetter, hotter, and shorter summers, and longer, snowy and colder winters. This documents the storms of the summer 2008.
christinelynes Photography, Colour
Algonquin Summer 2008-The Storms part 2 Fire-Red Reflections of the Giant Spruce Trees in the water of Tea lake, Algonquin Park
christinelynes Photography, Colour
Algonquin Summer 2008-The Storms Night Fall near Algonquin
christinelynes Photography, Colour
Ocean Series 2008 Calendar - January 11" x 17" format. All 12 months have images from The Ocean Series, plus Transcendental Love poetry with ocean and sky metaphors; the poets included are Rumi, Hafiz, Cheng-tao Ke, Ekai, Isaac of Nineveh, Kabir, William Stafford, and David Whyte. If you'd like to see the rest of it, or buy one, here's the link:...
hamlet279 Print
Pink Kakadu A picture of myself at Kakadu National Park in 2008. So far one of the most beautiful places on Earth I have ever been to and worked. Anytime I can go back there won't be a second question. I love this part of Australia and will always do.
Tags: kakadu, joel, vanuatu, northernterritory, australia, 2008, kakadunationalpark, beautiful
jalbert Photography, Digitally Manipulated
FIREWORKS HILO, 2008/2 Fireworks on Reeds Bay for 4th of July
sabotom Photography, Colour
Mrs.Simonette Tenido Brebenariu with Luminous Christmas Teddy Bear at Resita,2008 This is a photography of husband Daniel took this shot in one of the Christmas Innovative Displays at the town of Resita,Caras-Severin, preparation for Christmas 2008.
Simonette Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Moaning Man (Kuehmender) 2008 Multicoloured Fine Art Graphic Digital | Vector Art | Art Print Edition | Print Size: 59 x 84 cm | Available - Price On Application | © Bernd Wachtmeister, 2008
wachtmeister Computer Graphics