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Abused The issue that I am trying to portray in my painting is the effects that abusing drugs has on your body and how it affects you life. I am showing this by painting a man alone in a dark and gross room, he’s skinny and you can see how unhealthy he is with his body by the greyish colour of his skin as well as the tired expression on his face. Also...
bayleyb Painting, Acrylic
Animal abuse Artist(s): Karen Vanessa Alemán; Josué Roberto López Rivera; Kevin Eduardo Rauda Rivera; Azul Dajann Roque Escobar Organization: Asociación CONEXIÓN al Desarrollo de El Salvador. Por medio de este video, los alumnos quieren hacer conciencia en las personas sobre el maltrato animal. Es un llamado a ver a estos seres como nuestros compañeros, que...
ayv Photography, Colour
Child Abuse Artist(s): Tatiana Jorge Organization: Asociacion Uruguaya de Difusion del Español como Lengua Extranjera Description: My project is called "Child Abuse". I've chosen that topic as I'm really concerned about the present situation of toddlers and kids facing abuse and domestic violence. I've also chosen the format of a kids storybook due to...
ayv Photography, Colour
Child Abuse Artist(s): Stella Kumejina Organization: Women's Technology Empowerment Centre - W.TEC
ayv Photography, Colour
Dreams for Women 4 Featured in the International Women’s Museum, the Dreams for Women postcard art project has attracted worldwide attention and interest, garnering media attention and submissions from as far away as Japan, Germany, Brazil, France and Los Angeles. The Dreams for Women art project asks women and men of all ages to depict their hopes and dreams for...
Tags: human rights, violence against women, rape, abuse, antigone, dreams for women
areaume Collage
Drug Abuse The image shows the negative peer group influence.Awill to indulge and the drug illness that follows.Pencil drawing and water paint by Juma Husein, previously submitted without success.
Mulei Drawing, Pencil
Drug Abuse Don by James Hussein 17 yrs.Te image involves water paint and brush.The slum community is characterized by drug abuse both children and youth as well as the adults.In 2002 42 people died of ilicit brew while others went blind.
Mulei Drawing, Pastel
Free the Children from Abuse An ad calling for a worldwide action on freeing children from abuse...
Islandlibrarian Computer Graphics
How we abuse Earth In my picture a woman is coloured like Earth -symbolizing "Mother Earth". She is hooked up to an I.V. that, instead of helping her, is sucking oil out of her. This shows how people relentlessly drain the Earth of it's natural resources without considering repercussions. She is also breathing pollution from a human city out of a face mask. This...
Junebug1111 Painting, Watercolour
Mask: Human Trafficking by Dannie Legacy I decided that making a mask about it would provide more information about the topic, and hopefully spike someone’s attention to do something about this ongoing problem we have in our society. The way I decided to present my topic is not with words or direct pictures, but instead, with colour and with structure. I started the mask by using tin...
Tags: human trafficking, people, crime, justice, abuse
JNeville Sculpture