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Game Addiction video games addiction
Game Addiction video games addiction

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Internet Addiction Artist(s): Mahmoud Ezzat Organization: Heritage Conservation Think Tank Description: Mahmoud is sending a message to the people not to waste their times on the internet social networks like the Facebook and go spend time in real life; doing sports, hanging out with friends, ...
ayv Photography, Colour
What we have come to.. Our current world... dependence on the internet
Tags: evolution, internet, technology, addiction
jlizarraga2 Photography, Colour
Internet Addiction Poem A poem i wrote about this addiction
Tags: addiction, internet, poem, open minds
jlizarraga2 Print
Addiction My painting is about internet addiction. I chose this as my subject because it is a recent social concern that is affecting today’s generation. It has been said that the children of this generation is less hardworking than those who were born during the baby boom. Academic standards are lowering; today’s students are achieving noticeably less...
maggiec Painting, Acrylic
Molding Taste…Growing Addictions Have you ever stopped and looked at the amount of sugar there is in baby food? We are molding our kid's taste before they are even a year old. Our body could get all its sweet-energy from natural sources like fruit, instead our tummy’s get used to that sweet taste that will grow with us and will decide in the long run our nutritional choices. We...
MaryanneC Photography, Colour
Game Addiction Here is a picture of a guy who play video game, Mortal Kombat, but he is getting behind on his work
Tags: game, game
xpain24x Cartoons
Game Addiction This picture is about a father who is playing on the computer while his daughter is starving but his father just gave her 100$ just like that to go away
Tags: game
xpain24x Cartoons
Game Addiction this picture is a small boy playing video games and his parents are concerned for playing for too long. His mother was asking him to do something else but all the kid said to his mother "Mom, you're in the way"
Tags: game
xpain24x Cartoons