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Total Eradication of Poverty in Africa World help africans, we needs your help in total eradication of poverty in africa.
Tree Banding Launch - South Africa
Youth Voices - South Africa - Climate Change
Youth Voices - South Africa - Culture & Identity
THE AFRICAN CHILD There are very many pairs f eyes in the world.All these pairs have got a tale to tell.Just look keenly and you will see something in the piercing eye. Some depict sorrow, some depict pain and suffering, some depict inquisitive nature, while some depict joy and hapiness.It is through understanding the background of the persons invoved that we...
Now in North Africa#1 The World in a plate', Egypt_ first
Haven and Earth, and wild life in South Africa Haven and Earth, and wild life in South Africa
Africa Dedicated to the works inspired by the beauty of Africa... the mother land.
THE FUTURE FACE OF AFRICA Looking at these young faces, you could at least see one or two visions of Africa’s future registered in their young face. Innocent as they are, we know that if natured well, their dreams will be fulfilled. This exhibition is inspired by the fact that we were all young and innocent as they are. But over time, things have really changed for us...

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A Handout is Not A Handup A jeep breaks down in East Africa. Tourists hand out a short term solution, and return to the car, never to return.
Tags: africa, rwanda, human rights, kids, crackers
ravijrocks Photography, Black and White
Africa & Aids It violently attacks the black suffocates it,violates it..
yarinos Cartoons
AFRICA BEAUTY For Sale : 450 SIZE 34'' X 39''
RODELA Painting, Acrylic
Africa Cloth This is the Africa cloth called tie & dye using tomato, carrot, powpow and banana as a motif with well decoration.
femlad Ink, Brush
Africa Cloth( Ankara) This is the Africa cloth called ANKARA it lovely show how Yorubas love there own culture and wear by them.
femlad Ink, Brush
Africa Dawn Lights The fire of dawn lights a path across Africa's Zambezi River, where villagers in Zambia travel as they always have—in a dugout canoe. With continuing political stability in southern Africa, the Zambezi opens the way to some of the continent's most unspoiled reaches.
samiraisir Photography, Colour
Africa on the Globe Africa on the globe.
clarita Drawing, Crayon
Africa Rooster Cock(Goloba) You can only find this in Africa, called it in yoruba ''Akuko'' means male fowl
intelligentcop Photography, Colour
Africa Shines Original oil painting
123lee123 Painting, Oil
Africa's Smile This work shows a young African girl with superimposed creatures from Africa. This work expresses the happiness found in living a simple and primitive life, where nature and humans live together in a peaceful existence. It is seen in her smile, the untainted love and innocence of the African child.
ainhoart Mixed Media