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Beautiful Faces and before & after results Sculpted Contours specializes in body contour transformation focusing on Fat Reduction, Skin Lifting & Tightening, Facial Rejuvenation, and Reduction of Cellulite and Crepey Skin. We’ve chosen only FDA cleared procedures and technology to give you the best results. This is important because it means the procedures are medically proven for...

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After a long while.... *
cybermutante 3D Graphics
Discovering a New Land after Apocalypse : As I see mounting evidence about climate change, I wanted to portray a world uninhabitable for humans. The consequence of global warming can blot out the world we know and create a new world. With the sea level increase, sea creatures may swim through the metropolis that may be submerged into the water. This wild imagination serves to make...
Tags: sea level rise
seoyeon1116 Collage
SEVA - After Global blindness: an underground issue
Tags: seva, eyecare, health, blindness
mariie44 Computer Graphics
The World After TIG this is what our planet will be like after everyone discovers the greatness of Taking It Global! everything will be happy and peaceful! :)
breslin Drawing, Crayon
Life after Poverty Eradication. The drawing is by Francis Bwindira 17 years. He has reformed from street life system and is in class 8, at Morrison Primary school. He stays at Bahati Rehabilitation center. The Image is a crayon drawing, and it shows a lady who has come home. She has just packed her car outside. At the top left side some electricity poles are showing....
Mulei Drawing, Crayon
After Burne-Jones
joconda Drawing, Pencil
St Jude School - Before and After How we would have lived if we have had taken care of our planet
Tags: jungle, green, nature, ecological, recycle, protect, animals, pollution, colonization
JuanCrbone Drawing, Pencil
Before and After The purpose of this drawing is to show the bad evolution of our planet as far as the rising temperature is concerned.
Tags: environment, forest, extreme weather, rising temperatures
JEJD-MAT Drawing, Pencil
afternoon peace Vicky from Taiwan FXM shared her afternoon peace.
Tags: peace
Cindea Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Polar Bear , before and after When there will be no ice the polar bear will dye in a warm land
CarlosChiu Drawing, Pencil-crayon