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Alexandria and the North Coast I dedicate this exhibit to my hometown, Alexandria, and its surrounding region (aka The Egyptian North Coast). As such, photos that I shot, are meant to give the visitor an idea about daily-life and nature in Alexandria and the North Coast.

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A general view of Alexandria Beach (old) Old image od Alexandria Beach
malex Photography, Black and White
A new Lighthouse in Alexandria! "The ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It was destroyed by an earthquake in the medieval ages. Some news sources discussed recently that a multi-national company plans to build a new lighthouse in Alexandria. " - The poor fisherman to his wife: Good news! After the government has supplied...
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Alexandria I didn't see his face, just took the picture and then continued walking. Maybe there was a good story behind him, but I will never know.
ahmedmalah Photography, Colour
Alexandria Beach - Egypt Alexandria beach at 10 am - 23 October 2004
wisemike Photography, Colour
Alexandria Beauty The Wall Of The Military Hospital in Alexandria Egypt
moustafahussein Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Alexandria Egypt One of a kind
Fredex126 Photography, Colour
Alexandria Egypt Only in Alexandria Beach & the Date Trees
Fredex126 Photography, Colour
ALEXANDRIA EGYPT ONE OF KIND THE LIBRARYBibliotheca Alexandria Alot more than Just Piece of Arts the Great Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria -the second capital of Egypt
Fredex126 Photography, Colour
Fredex126 Photography, Colour
Alexandria liberty #3
Marwan Photography, Colour