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You're not alone
mbastudies 3D Graphics
Alone Part of a series about emotional distance versus physical distance.
saraheirons Computer Graphics
Leave My Home Alone! Shows the effects of deforestation on Animals as well as the effects of logging in Climate change. They drive animals away from their homes and destroy environments crucial to the biodiversity of life on Earth.
Tags: environment, remember, animals, COP 23, Graphic Art, photoshop, kenya
Jamaac Computer Graphics
Humanity It's one thing to acknowledge the less fortunate, and another to do somethng about it. I hope for world peace and light at the end of a tunnel, I hope for wars to end and for the less fortunate in developing countries gain better lives.
Tags: child, boy, sad, art, pencil, help, developing country, raiya jessa, graphite, drawing, person, alone, hands
quest19 Drawing, Pencil
Not Alone by Samantha In this picture, the girl in the green shirt and purple pants is showing the different feelings you get when you are excluded and included. The expression on her face shows how it feels to be alone and excluded, sad all alone in the dark and miserable. However, on the other hand the girls reflection in the puddle of water demonstrates how it...
TIGstaff Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Alone Mild self-portrait.
Kapteinpus Ink, Pen
Leave me alone! In this poster, I’m asking everyone to save the polar bears. I’m showing that climate change is melting the habitat of the polar bears. I showed the icebergs in the shape of a human face to imply that humans are the cause of the destruction of the Arctic.
Tags: environment, climate change, ocean awareness, global warming, Suncity School
clannapurna Mixed Media
nathalieghioni Painting
Alone (100cmX50cm) For a woman to be herself, she must refuge in her own little hidden world. Only there will she be able to express herself freely, without lowering herself down to any of society's compromises, without having to defend herself from prejudice and discrimination. Alone, she can get undressed and live her own magic interior.
nathalieghioni Painting
Alone Together During the Cold War, nuclear submarines of both the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. operated in a similar fashion as did our long-range bomber aircraft. That is to say, they moved in patrol patterns that included a so-called fail-safe point. Once a sub had passed its fail-safe point, all communication with higher authority ceased and the sub's crew...
hamlet279 Painting