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Submissions (6)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Amazing Flights These are closely shot pictures of the same pigeon. The sequential arrangement and expansion of feathers when these birds take a flight is amazing.
tanmay Photography, Colour
Amazing Grace Again feet
muinangel Photography, Black and White
Amazing PokhariChour! This is scenary that is captured from Mahendra Devbani Primary School in 2006 by my frined Cameroon Brooks from Australia.This School is about 10 minutes walk from a Mayatari, Syangja district. The River that is visible in this picture is "Adhikhola". The small island like hill in the middle of the river is a sacred holy place which is...
sudiparyal Photography, Colour
In a new world Its basically a picture about a girl wondering around in a new different place where everything seems different. It could represent the people who move a lot and how each place is very new and lost it is for them.
Tags: in a new world, new world, change, moving, peace, indian, art, google, wonderful, amazing
Katriven Drawing, Pencil
not beatiful, usual plant? For me it's perfect and amazing I hope that people will more attantive to nature. This kind pics i hope will make people sometimes look around them and See and Feel nature.
olika-bp Photography, Colour
The Amazing Things Nature is the most amazing thing. Look at this picture. The flower looks like a butterfly.
kornkid86 Painting, Watercolour