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GIN of the Americas 2012 Film Festival Explore this amazing collection of videos submitted from schools across the Americas for the 2012 Global Issues Network Conference at Graded School in October 2012!
Native American [includes all indigenous from around the world] An art exhibit of my indigenous inspirations.

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Native American Angel [spirit guide] The Native American Angel is a spirit guy. He stands at the bridge between this world and the next.
clarita Mixed Media
God Bless America This is an original acrylic on canvas painting, 4 X 5 feet, that I created shortly after 9-11-01. Sitting in my studio, devasted by recent events, I could scarcely lift my brush. The only way I could purge myself of thinking of the evil that visited the U.S. on that day was to create my own memorial to the fallen.
ingepat Painting, Acrylic
the NEW american dream So there I was, reading the newspaper, and I come across this FULL 2 page ad from honda. They're advertising a new robot that families can now purchase. You gotta love the actors' profiles, the perfect dog, nice big white house, lush green lawn, and oh ya, a robot!
gvsben Photography, Colour
Slave's exit to america... This door, taken in another of Ghana's many castles, is where every single last slave would take their last step from their country of origin to a new cruel life in america. I think this is what I found to be the most horrible part of visiting slavery castles...
kwessy Photography, Colour
I'm Afraid Of Americans The title, taken from the David Bowie song of the same name, is about the news story of a woman from Vancouver, Canada who, after returning to her vehicle from a day of shopping in Bellingham, Washington, found a note on her windshield that said to leave the country.
blank Painting, Acrylic
My friend from America We were having a private party, my American friend - Caroline- was outside the window, looking in and waving for my attention. Despite the cold she was willing to stand there so I could take this picture. Not surprisingly I can see myself next to her as well...
phanyly Photography, Digitally Manipulated
America This photograph was taken on our way to Yellowstone national park summer 2004.
evamoon Photography, Black and White
Niagara Falls - American Side This is part of Niagara Falls.
beeboh Photography, Colour
Niagara Falls - American Side, 2 Another take of the American falls at Niagara.
beeboh Photography, Digitally Manipulated
God Bless 1950's America
kklass Painting, Acrylic