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Protect and recover endangered species This is Annika and Vicky's collaboration. protect and recover endangered species is also kind of the way to save the world.
Cindea 3D Graphics
Pandas in danger of Extinction Artist(s): Sofia Marquez Organization: Asociacion Uruguaya de Difusion del Español como Lengua Extranjera Description: I did this job because I care about the animals in danger of extinction, especially the pandas, because their home is actually being threatened. Their home destruction affects the pandas because their principle food is...
ayv Cartoons
Anger Management This art work is called “Anger management”. It’s sometimes too hard to hold anger and to control it that much. When people get angry they say stuff not equal to real life or may be tough to others. Eyes at these moments are so angry too and body language is unpredictable.
msherif Computer Graphics
msherif Computer Graphics
Don't kill any animals, they could be endangered Don't kill animals! Ban poachers!
Lucurio Computer Graphics
Dangerous primises 章润森
sharklin Computer Graphics
HOPE + ANGER IS ALL WE GOT. As a black person living in American I have so much fear. I have fear for myself and the people that look like me. In addition to the fear, I am very angry. At times, these feelings can motivate me to be active in my community to make a change. However, I have to admit that I feel hopeless. What does it say about our society that the police can...
Moonahmay Markers
Stranger Still Another example of microscopic imagery turned landscape.
zbonder Painting, Acrylic
A Polluted World - Just a Memory of our Future I painted this the night of August 19th, 2009 after reflecting deeply about what our earth could look like in 50 years from now if humans do not act immediately and with urgence to preserve the precious environment. This painting depicts a very toxic, polluted world that I envision if the human race fails to act to successfully combat ever more...
Tags: environment, pollution, climate change, global warming, polluted, green, eco, smokestacks, catastrophe, life, memory, future, prevent, ugly, dead, fish, toxic, toxins, poisonous, painting, acrylic, anger, landscape, sludge
AndrewCanada Painting, Acrylic
Anger of Nature Nowadays, there are lots of natural and artificial disasters happening around that bother us, such as deadly storm, tsunami climate change etc. Some of it happened by air pollution, some of others caused by earthquake. All of these horrible and tragic events causes lot of people to die and lost their family. As you can see, there is extreme...
davidwu Painting, Acrylic