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Animals, Pets and Nature In an island we are living there will always be animals around to accompany us to share the nature and make it more meaningful. Loving nature and loving animals especially my pets has been a trademark.
Animals All these animals represent species in danger of existincion in my country, we must prevent that it happens.

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Save animals. We should save animals. Animals are our friends.
Xilola Painting
Hybrid Fishphant Hybrid Fishphant is a hybrid animal that is a combination of various other animals. It represents a hybrid global culture comprising of various elements of local customs, cultures, morals, and ethics. I look at the Hybrid Fishphant as representing a new global hybrid culture rooted and created on the basis of diverse and converging local...
Tags: animal, hybrid, fishphant, elephant, culture, hybrid culture, global, local, globalization, glocal
shenyll Mixed Media
Open Your Eyes Everyone on this planet has the right to a clean, healthy, beautiful home to live in. Everyone has the right for this home to exist for their children, their grandchildren, and future generations to come. Every human has a right to be able to see all the diverse species of animals and plants living on Earth. Therefore, I believe the most...
Tags: frog, reptile, tiger, owl, environment, planet, green, animal, human
Qc Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Animal World protect animals; protect biodiversity.
boyofkashmir Painting
If you were an animal...
jenergy Painting
Animal Kingdom Animal Kingdom tell us how the beautiful animals gather together as one and started a Kingdom. This piece of art narrate how they ruling themselves and the king of the kingdom is Chief Lion while Elder Cow is Assistance of the King and the others have there own post to asign. Also they rule themselve well no evil mind with others and Master...
femlad Painting
Don't kill the animals
girlesau Painting
Arte Animalista y Naturalista Otra objetividad plasmada
DAG51 Painting
Animals are our friends We should save our animals because these are our friends.
ismailswati Painting
Th Love of Animals The love of animals leads us for self belonging
Tags: Horse riding, peace, culture
ismailswati Painting