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BEST COMPANY EMPLOYEE BREAK ROOM ARCADE Pura vida. We have invested in an employee game room at CCC. I wanted to share with all business owners and happy employees what can be done in an office environment to raise morale: Telemarketers and customer service agents may burn out after a period of time. That is a fact. CCC has dropped the standard attrition rate dramatically. In...
Monkeys and Crocodiles in Berlin, Germany!
Brittany- Berkeley Carroll
company quality techno seeds‎ ‎MM ‎Hamouda Ahmed‎‎ ‎MM Hamouda Ahmed Hamouda Ahmed Hamouda Ahmed MM Hamouda Ahmed‎‎ Picasa Web Albums - magedhamouda70 Photos by magedhamouda70‎ LINKS with pictures of all the research by MAGED HAMOUDA From Egypt ‎company quality techno seeds‎ EGYPT MAGED HAMOUDA : WORKS breeder Field Crops...
Volunteerism Has Many Faces Volunteerism has many faces, many colours, many forms and expressions; it’s a borderless and multi-shape stream nourished by solidarity, enthusiasm and sense of commitment; many hands and many voices, many ways to be active and creative, many people who help and many people to be helped, many wall breaking down and bridge building up, and only...
Faces In Many Places Pictures of faces where ever I see them looking at me. The sky, walls, doors, trees, Rocks, every thing I look at seems to have a story to tell.
Human Rights Violations can be stopped also in Germany( pl Help) I know this is not easy for the world to believe.But that is the point! Germany builds its buildings of HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS on the innocence and ignorance of the world We all have thought Holocaust was Yesterday.But it isn't!! It ended up with DEATHS and PAINS But what after that??Peace? Freedom? Prejudice, intolerance and denial of...

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Banyan Tree Ritual Women pray on this day for the Long life of their husbands and tie a tread around the Banyan tree. Savitri was a very devoted wife and this day is named after her as Vad-Savitri. Vad is the Banyan tree
Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Saris Anyone? Bangalore's Chikapeth area is full of colourful sari shops that have the most elegant saris from the famous town of Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu. Women spend hours in search of the perfect design.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Mushrooms Anyone? Mushroom-picking is a favourite pastime in Sakhalin in the autumn but the ones featured in this pic are poisonous.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Anywhere else to go? We have nowhere else to go if we lose Earth, at least up to now.
Tags: earth
allenms Computer Graphics
TongTiXianYouGuan Well for this one I did it on a piece of wood. I made a frame with it too which is really nice but wasn't featured in the picture. First I painted it a cherry-wood color and then when it was dry used the dry brush technique with gold paint to make it look old. For the actual painting itself, I used hot glue, limestone, oil pastels, oil paints,...
baeshin994 Mixed Media
HOW MANY ROADS MUST A MAN WALK DOWN It's view of undevelop village of india,people fight against poorty,and other assencitial commodities.
Tags: art for sale
barun58 Painting, Oil
Anywhere This street leads into the future, and it will direct you where ever you want to go.
bebebecca Painting
We Have Many Rights Jessica W, Age 11, Alia A Age 11
Tags: National Child Day Art, Childrens Rights
carolinefair Painting, Watercolour
Stanyan Street Stanyan Street in San Francisco, California. The South end of Golden Gate Park is to the left, that is also where Kazar Stadium is. Kazar Stadium is where the Forty Niners use to play. A couple of blocks off to the right is Haight street.
clarita Photography, Colour
DanaDracon Photography, Digitally Manipulated